SIPPS Symposium, Track 2, Session B: Extension Level - 2/23

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SIPPS Symposium, Track 2, Session B: Extension Level   $50.00 USD


SIPPS Symposium: Track 2, Session B

Going Deeper with Your SIPPS Implementation: Extension Level (Grades 2–3)

Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Time: 1:00–4:00 PM Eastern Time / 12:00–3:00 PM Central Time / 10:00 AM–1:00 PM Pacific Time

About Track 2: Track 2 is designed for teachers, coaches, or other educators who are currently teaching SIPPS and wish to deepen their expertise, fine-tune their ability to deliver effective, responsive SIPPS instruction, refine their instructional decision making, and learn alongside fellow educators who are implementing the program.

Please Note: Track 2 is not an introduction to SIPPS. If you have recently acquired the SIPPS program but are still in the pre-launch phase of your implementation, we strongly encourage you to engage in the SIPPS Overview Teaching Learning System opportunity in the Learning Portal as part of your Symposium pre-work.

Fee: The fee for Track 2 is $50/person. (Please pay by credit card at the time of registration.)

To ensure the quality of our learning, space is limited to 100 participants per SIPPS Level.


Track 2 registrants will have the opportunity to attend the Opening Keynote, followed by a live, two-hour, highly interactive professional learning workshop curated for your SIPPS Level:

1:00–2:00 PM Eastern • Opening Keynote

All Symposium registrants are invited to attend the Keynote, “Building upon a Strong Foundation: How Foundational Skills Instruction Paves the Way for Future Learning,” by Valentina Contesse of the University of Florida Literacy Institute. 

2:00–4:00 PM Eastern • Going Deeper with Your SIPPS Implementation: Extension Level (Grades 2–3)

Join us for a highly interactive professional learning workshop focused on the acceleration of foundational skills in SIPPS Extension. During this session, we’ll pause and consider what SIPPS data we have for our developing readers as they engage in the more complex spelling-pattern phase of the foundational skills and how we're using that data to adjust instruction to meet students’ needs. We will discuss best practices for using data to provide responsive instruction and support the decisions we make.

Please note: this workshop will not be recorded.

Pre-Work: SIPPS Symposium Pre-work  

All Track 2 participants will receive a certificate of attendance for three hours of professional learning.

Questions? Please contact the Professional Learning Coordinator at plcoordinator@collaborativeclassroom.org.